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How this works!! ??????

Everyone that enters our gifting community will gift in 100 and receive $63K in a 4 week! It is a 30 day process.

This gifting community was created for longevity and generational wealth for like-minded people. It's a life-changing experience and an opportunity to work as a community to reach your personal and professional goals.

It's a display of equal effort to achieve equal an equal outcome and that’s $63k in 4 weeks. It’s a 3x faster payout then the regular flower boards, if you’ve ever been apart of a flower then you know exactly what we mean.

Our gifting boards gift in once a week meaning gifts are receive once a week.

This group operates only on Sundays, Meaning everything is done on Sunday unless one of our gifting board completely fills before Sunday!! Your gift in, your gifts received and your re-gifts are all completed on the same day.

Many ask do I have to re- gift? The answer is YES during the process of your 4 week cycle. This only works if everyone has their 1 to 2 people and are will to invite others to our daily presentation. However, it’s possible to sponsor your 2 people after your week 1 payout. (Join the presentation to learn more about that)


You will gift $100 on the Sunday at the top of your board. Once you commit those short 30 days in to our community watch your $100 gift grow to $63k in 4 weeks. We receive gifts weekly as long as everyone is inviting people to the daily presentation.

If you have what it takes take a look at the breakdown below??????

The Breakdown is as follows:

Day 0 Gift $100
Week 1: Receive $800 & Regift $500 keep $300
Week 2: Receive $4,000 & Regift $2500 keep $1500
Week 3: Receive $20,000 & Regift $6000 keep $14k
Week 4: Receive $48,000 No regifting on week 4

So: $300+$1,500+$14,000+$48k=$63,800 and all you gifted to enter our community was $100!!

If you remain LOYAL to this community and our members you will be blessed with $63,800 in 30 days.

Here is the structural breakdown

? You will gift your $100 this Sunday Your Day 0

??On the next Sunday your week #1 you will receive (8) $100 gifts totaling an $800 blessing. You will regift $500 and keep $300.

??The next Sunday, your week #2 you will receive (8) $500 gifts totaling $4,000 in blessings. You will regift $2,500 and Keep $1,500

???The next Sunday your week #3, you will receive (8) $2,500 gifts totaling $20,000 you keep $14,000 regift $6,000

???? The last and final Sunday your week #4, you will receive (8) $6,000 gifts totaling $48,000 and keep $48,000. No regifting applies to this week!

Now let’s add all 3 weeks gifts received:
$300 + $1,500 + $14,000 + $48,000= $63,800.00

That is just amazing!

This is Easy and keeps you at ease, knowing your $63,800 blessing is coming in just 4 weeks.

Say ADD ME if you are ready to join our community!!

Posted by:
Gazi Abdul Hannan (Individual) ,phone icon +8801671047856

Posted on: 10/23/20 , Total Visits: 775

Location: Worldwide

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