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Earn Asimi and Receive Highly Effective Advertising


Asimi Pros was designed to provide its members with quality advertising at an extremely affordable price while rewarding our members who actively promote Asimi Pros. Our system is subscription based with each subscription renewing daily, giving our members 365 days of active positions, you will receive 50 banner credits and 50 text credits each day. Why Asimi? The Asimi Token was created as the token of choice for the online advertising niche. It is also a proof of stake model token so our members can stake their earnings and earn a huge annual yield. We have a model that allows us to adjust the subscription price if necessary to keep our advertising subscriptions affordable for all members. When you purchase your first active matrix position will fall under your sponsor. Each day when your subscription renews, that position will fall under your very TOP position. We recommend every member strive to refer at least 2 new members who upgrade causing your downline to explode due our daily renewal...

Posted by:
Robert (Business)

Posted on: 10/18/20 , Total Visits: 641

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